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The Best Question - Why Choose Keri Sites?
Below is a COMPLETE breakdown of the reasons why I should be your webmaster of choice:


I am transparent and up-front about my pricing as well as what I am and am not capable of doing for your website.


Most web designers only design the website, but do not make it functional or viewable to the public.

Most web builders only use templates or already created layouts and will make it functional but still may not host it for public view.

Most hosting sites will allow you to customize a very limited template and sometimes won't even allow you to use your own domain.

I do all three and do not charge any middle-man fees. The only charges I earn, myself, are for the design, building, and maintenance. Hosting and certain functions offered through Wix are charged at their own fixed prices without additional fees for myself.

Mobile Optimization

Every site I create will always include a Mobile Optimized version. This is the ability to view your site just as beautifully and easily on any mobile device or tablet alongside the desktop view.

Google SEO


This is the amount that Wix charges to purchase a domain (.com/.org/.net/etc). The price difference reflects the option to have "Private Registration" which keeps your personal address, email, and phone number (if you choose/need to use those instead of business information) from being viewed in public records. It also states that it helps decrease spam and the ability to hijack information.

*Note* The "Privacy Registration" is completely optional and I've no issues so far from clients that chose to forego this option.

*Note* This price does NOT apply if you already own a domain and wish to keep the current domain registrar.



This is the amount I charge to be on-call for any issues, updates, or changes that you would like addressed at any time while owning your website. It is completely optional and able to be canceled at any time for any reason. 

*Note* You may also use this charge to have a monthly meeting with you to discuss goals, analytics, or even teach you how to manage your own website.



This is the amount I charge to fix a sudden issue for those that do not have a monthly Maintenance Plan with me. The price can vary depending on the cause of the problem and the time it takes me to fix it. I have not had any issues that have taken more than a day to fix from any previously built website so far.

*Note* This charge does not include issues that happen due to my design/building mistakes nor updates/changes to Wix as these issues I will fix for no charge.

Summarized List of Pros:


This is the amount that a basic website with minimal design and features would cost each year.

(This price averages to be ~$23 - $32 per month)

(Includes labor, hosting, and a new domain)



This is the most that a website designed by me can possibly cost per year. This would include personally designed logos, backgrounds, font, icons, etc. and the most features you can possibly have offered by Wix as well as integrating third-party sources that do not typically integrate well.

(This price averages to be ~$60 - $85 per month)

(Includes labor, hosting, a new domain, and monthly maintenance)

*Note* Most business do not need as much as possible. All websites showcased cost less than $400 per year.

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